ThomasDans le cadre de l’échange linguistique entre le lycée Hélène Boucher et la Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, quatre Américains sont venus dans notre lycée pendant un mois. Thomas Andersen, un de ses élèves, a accepté de répondre à quelques questions. 

* What do you think about France?
France is a nice country that is different from the US in a lot of ways (the size of things and food) but at the same time somewhat similar. It is cool that in such a short amount of time you can be in a whole other climate.

*What do you think about death sentence?
It depends on the crime.

*Are Americans racist?
No only some of them are racist but it’s only a very small part of the population.

*Do you always eat burgers? / What do you eat in America?
I don’t always eat burgers, it’s like asking a French person if he always eats croissant. It’s not an uncommon food but it’s not a part of our daily diet. It depends on the family. We also eat quickly since we are very busy.

* Do you own a gun and is it common to have one in the US ?
I don’t, but I know some families that do. I don’t think it’s a super common thing to have in my town, but I am not really sure since we don’t really talk about it. It’s a private thing.

*What’s the image of France in America?
Very left-leaning country. The people like to protest and don’t work as much as American do. Baguette, Eiffel Tower, Béret.

*Did anything shocked you ?

Nothing was like super shocking to me. A lot of people smoke (especially the kids). Small roads. Lack of technology in school. I would say that you are 20 years in late compared to us in this domain.

Thomas, un américain au lycée

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