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A Tough One

Anais E et G N
Publié le mercredi 22 février 2012 -

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A Tough One

The document is a painting entitled is A tough one .

I can see one man and one boy. Maybe it’s a dad with his son. We think that the scene takes place in the living-room or in the kitchen because there are two chairs, one table and a lamp.

The father is wearing brown trainers, blue socks, black jeans, a blue shirt and his hair is ginger.

The little boy has brown shoes, white socks, beige trousers, a blue polo shirt and the same hair as his father.

The son was doing his homework and the dad is now helping him because it’s tough. But the father doesn’t understand either. The boy looks interested in his homework, because he has his head above the book and he is on his knees because he wants to see better.

Perhaps the boy is explaining his father, that this is a maths problem. Unfortunately , his dad is hopeless at Maths but he is trying to do his best.

<< The child : Dad can you help me ?

The Dad : Yes, if you want... It’s difficult, you know that I’m hopeless at Maths.

The child : Yes, I know but I thought you could try. If you don’t know, it’s ok. Thank you for your help.

The Dad : I’m sorry. Maybe you’re better than me. You’re the best because your my son !

The Child : It’s funny . >>

Jouons ensemble !
-1 Que peut-on dire de la position du fils ?

-2 Pourquoi le père aide t-il son fils ?

-3 Qu’est-ce que le père dit à son fils ?

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Vous avez eu 2 points. Pas mal
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Vous avez eu 0 point. Achetez vous des lunettes ( ou changez vos verres) :)

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