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Girl with black eye

par Ouassim et Lea
Publié le mercredi 29 février 2012 -

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This document is a painting entitled Girl with black-eye by Norman Rockwell. In this document I can see a little girl on a bench. She has a black-eye, she is wearing a checked dress, white socks, brown shoes, she has red hair and brown eyes. She has a plaster on her left knee. The little girl is smiling, she looks both sadistic and happy. Her hair is ruffled. The lace of her shoes comes undone and her shirt is out of her dress. I can see the principal and a woman who can be the girl’s mother.
The principal is wearing a tie and glasses, he has got blond hair, he is next to the girl’s mother who has got red hair like the little girl and she is wearing white clothes. They look angry. Perhaps the little girl got into a fight because she is black-eyed.


We think the scene takes place in a school, the little girl is on a bench and is waiting for the principal to call her. But before, the principal had summoned her mother to explain her what had happened.

« Your daughter quarreled with a boy from her class. He is her neighbour and they fought when the teacher left the class to do some photocopies. The children were doing exercises and your daughter didn’t find the answer to the first question. She asked help to her neighbour but he didn’t want to help her. She was angry and she began to scream : « You’re a loser, you’re a nerd, you’re absolutly stupid ! A bad boy ! I hate you Dude, you’re cheap ! » This reaction is so extreme. I think she encounters some problems with her classmates. So, the little boy was angry as well. Two children cried , screamed and shouted. When the teacher came back in the classroom, she separated them and gave them a sanction. I think your daughter doesn’t get on well with her schoolfriends. She doesn’t regret her mistakes and she looks satisfied and happy. We must look after her, it’s serious, she dangerous.
-Yes I am used to it... I’m angry against her , as usual !. I don’t know what to do. »

Testez vos connaissances !
-Qui est dans le bureau avec le principal ?

-Pourquoi la jeune fille s’est-elle battue ?

-Pourquoi la maîtresse a-t-elle quitté la classe ?

3 pts : Félicitation ! Très bon anglais.
2 pts  : Vous y étiez presque !
1 pt  : Vous pouvez faire beaucoup mieux.
0 pt  : Un conseil : reprenez quelques cours d’anglais.

Maintenant testez vos connaissances, en refaisant le QCM en Anglais.

English test.
-Whydid the girl fight with somoene ?

-Why did the teacher leave the class ?

-Who is with the woman in the principal’s office ?

3 pts  : Congratulations ! You’re the best !
2 pts  : Never mind, Just 1 point !
1 pt  : This isn’t good !
0 pt  : Oh, English is not for you !

Merci d’avoir participé à notre QCM ! Nous espérons que cela vous a plu et que vous avez appris quelque chose !

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