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Girl at the mirror

par Sirine et Kenza
Publié le mercredi 18 janvier 2012 -

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Girl at the mirror by NORMAN ROCKWELL

The painting is entitled Girl at the mirror painted by Norman Rockwell. The painting is showing a girl and she is the only character. She is sitting on a stool and holding a magazine on her lap. Maybe the scene takes place in the attic, in her house.

She is wearing a long white dress, she is bare feet, she has a plait in her hair and she has brown eyes. The interesting stuff on this painting is that we can see both the back and the face of the little girl.

On the floor, there is a comb, a hairbrush and an open lipstick. We think that she looks sad because she thinks she is ugly.

But, how come the porcelain doll has fallen ? Why is it upside down ?
And, how come she looks lost ?
Perhaps she is looking for her childhood ?
Maybe she wants to look like Jane Russel, the star on her magazine ?

We believe that the girl is between teenage years and childhood. But in fact the porcelain doll is upside down so her choice is to be a teenage girl .
The painting aims at showing a girl who goes from childhood to being a teenager.

From our point of view, we love this painting because the painting shows a girl who has chosen to be teenage girl and her desire to be beautiful like the star.



Jouons ensemble
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-2 Pourquoi la poupée est-elle par terre ?

-3 Quel choix a-t-elle fait ?

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