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Happy Birthday Miss Jones

Par Cassandra et Océane
Publié le mercredi 1er février 2012 -

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Description :

This document is a painting entitled is Surprise ! Happy Birthday Miss Jones !.It was painted in 1956 by Norman Rockwell. On this painting, we can see five children : 2 girls and 3 boys who are standing and a teacher. She looks happy because it is her birthday. On the desk, there is an apple, an orange, three flowers ( a yellow one, a red one and a white one) and two mysterious gifts. In my opinion, the gifts are books. On the board ’’Happy Birthday Miss Jones ’’ is written, as well as arithmetics. Miss Jones is holding her hat and her jacket because she has just arrived. On the floor, there is chalk and an eraser. The red-t-shirt boy has an eraser on his head. The pupils are wearing smart clothes.

We’ve imagined the story in details …

The day before, Miss Jones had written arithmetics on the board, for her students to do the next day.

On that day, the students came early to write ’’ Happy Birthday Miss Jones ’’.

They have brought fruits, gifts and flowers, and they have put all the objects on the desk. The pupils heard the teacher come and with haste, they have dropped chalk and the eraser on the floor. Then, the students sat down.

When the teacher came in the class , she was both surprised and happy.

All the students were as good as gold. I think Miss Jones said : “Check this out, this is my birthday ! It’s kind of you to celebrate that ! You’re remembered my birthday !” She saw the red-t-shirt boy and she burst out laughing. She took gifts and thanked pupils for this. Miss Jones picked up the chalk and the eraser. Then she erased the board and started her class. Thanks to the students, Miss Jones was very happy and she got on well with them.

The night when she goes home...

Miss Jones : Darling !! This morning my class made me a surprise for my birthday !

Miss Jones’ husband : Oh it was kind of them to do this for you !

Miss Jones : Yes, I agree with you !! They gave me gifts and they wrote on the board ’’happy birthday Miss Jones’’ I love them !!!

Avez-vous bien compris le texte ?
-La veill,e qu’a écrit Miss Jones au tableau pour les élèves ?

-Quel est l’évènement ?

-A qui parle Miss Jones à la fin du texte ?

Conclusion du jeu
Nombre de pointsCommentaires
0 Dommage réessayez encore !
1 Assez bien, vous pourriez faire mieux .
2 Bien !
3 Parfait, vous avez bien compris le texte ! :)

Vous pensez pouvoir le réussir en anglais ?!

Have you understood the text ?
-Who is talking to Miss Jones at the end of the text ?

-The day before, what had Miss Jones written on the board for her students ?

-What is the event ?

Conclusion of the game
Number of point Remark
0 Too bad ! Try again !
1 Maybe you can do better
2 Good !
3 Perfect ! You have understood the text ;) :)

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